Why toss and turn thinking about the next man, when he/she is sleeping at night?
And your not

Regardless if its your fault or you simply didn’t do anything to drift that person away, they should not benefit from you being in guilt.

I can’t tell you how many times I was acused of something I didn’t do but didn’t respond to the situation how they wanted and they are mad at me till this day and they really believe I did what I did cause they wanted me to reassure the situation. And I look back at it now and I say: I hope they realize they was mad for nothing.

Or I did respond they way they wanted to, but more obscene and I got so mad for being put in that position I told them about themsemves and told them to fuck off and years later I still don’t know what I’m mad at them for. But I still stick by my decision that I’m mad.

I might bump into them and say: You know I’m still mad at you? And they say I forgot, why were you mad again? And I say you know why! LoL

But my point is, its not that serious to hold grudges and dwell on the past.

I’ve learn that, I was over-reacting back then and that’s why I’m learning to compromise and let things take its course.

The person could either believe what they want or don’t.
They can stay mad or not.

I want to have a clear mind and heart later in life and know that forgiving is better that dwelling. I won’t Forget Immediately lol –But I will Learn to Forgive Later or Try to Rush the Forgiving at Least.

So at the end of the day, Forgive and Forget.

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