That you were here

And I was with you.

How you took your time and kissed me in places I imagined would come true.

I ran into secure arms of love and I Liked it.

Taken from one of my Books.



Men would deny even satifying a women but yet still will brag how she blessed his throne with the saliva of death.



What’s the problem?



The problem is:  Men get stimulated by Erection and not Affection.



I rarely meet a man who is just wants to know more about me besides playing the role and not acting on it.

Its cool to please but to be the narrator than the subject piece is much more important.



Imma tell you how I get stimulated.



I love conversation and someone who immediately gets my attention just off of random stuff he says that I didn’t even expect him to say.



If the Sex is awesome then that’s a plus.



Opening doors(*Gasps- That’s rare) Cause these men will walk right infront of you and forget they are on A God Damn Date and wont even acknowledge your there by asking if your ok at least.



The rubbing of the feet and the massages, I mean come on….Need I Say More?!



You Men kill me.



I need to feel weak and quiver when your name comes to my mind.

Get up in the morning to cook for you, just for no reason cause im so into you.


The dream I had was so surreal to the men out here now.



He made me do things that I don’t normally do.

I moved in with him– and I don’t even like spending the night over a dudes house or even sleeping in the same bed for more than 5 mins after sex.

I cried! And no one even seen me cry!

And that’s because I was so in love with a man I finally appreciate and it feel so good and natural when I was with him.

He pleased me and I actually didn’t fake it lol


I am patiently waiting for him and when he comes, I wont disappoint!!!!

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