It’s ah Difference Between…..


And this is jus MY Opinion!

I was asked a question and it turned into me stating what I felt on niggaz nowadays, when it cumz to taking ego and priority to the head.
So I mentioned my Two Fav words I use when tryna debate with ignorance and tolerance. And dis shit right here is getting on my nerves.

Ok! So, Do you know the difference between Popular and Famous?

In my eyes, I do!

Popular– Is someone who is local.
Who many people know. You might be popular in highschool,college,neighborhood freak,hell I dunno. But it still stands that,your not known outside your state, community or outside your frienship circle. Ok! So you might have a few people who you keep in contact with but none major where, I can call say: Khaled (cuz god knows he know’s everybody), and say, Man you know such and such and he says: Who? Me? Yea,he da best ( dat wuz lame ) but u get my point. Ok! Moving on..

Famous– Is when I can google you,youtube you,imeem you,blog you (not me, jus seeing you on blogs),email a certain Blogster and say hey, I need sum info on dis person you got me?
And they will say hell yea, he/she is poppn,everybody knows him/her. You’re known everywhere. Even the local bodega bootleggin whateva you have,wether its a CD,T-shirt etc.

So, my point is:

Why you muthaphukaz get those two words confused?

Jus cuz you Popular, don’t make you Famous!

And Jus cuz your NOW Famous, doesn’t mean you weren’t once popular
-not giving credit to the foundation is selfish.

You think cuz you got a little fans,that you entitled to downplay da next man jus cuz you might be in a few unheard of/local magz,might’ve worked at record label,intern for russel simmons etc?

They are not the same. Both words are totally different when explained.
With that being said..

its ah damn shame

Am I Lying?

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