Why, does a Man try to classify you with the next b*tch then says, your not his type?

But, keeps comparing you to the b*tch he was with?!
And no matter if you brush your teeth in circular motion left ways,you’ll always be categorized as not his type.

But, you are his type, he won’t express his views of that. You’re his type when he wants you, and right now he doesn’t.

Reason being #1 -She’ll always be on his mind. He wants to get her out his head but because you MIGHT have similar qualites, like, you have the same short cut as her,you rock the same lip Gloss (Pink blush Cotton Candy),you fold his shirts, but not quite the same

#2- You ended off on bad terms.

Doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, it always leads back to cheating. With that being said, She might’ve either,slept with his best friend,something minor as to, limiting him on the p***y. Wether its,once a week to once every blue moon monthly. Which goes back to the comparison in my past posts.

He’ll always reference you with the next broad, cause both parties never ended the way he wanted.

He misses her, but not in that order.

-HE wanted to cut her off and have his ego boasted.
-HE wanted HER to be at home crying her eyes out, wishing she could have him back. Instead, he’s doing what she’s not and it burns him to know he got played.

So, all the qualities you have, she HAD and he’s not letting go.
He still wants his Ex.

My thing is, don’t compare me, when she aint me.

If I f*ck you Backways,don’t tell me how she f*cked u sideways.
Ni**az don’t wanna hear you talk about what guy did this, so why tell us what chic did that?

If she make breakfast after sex, don’t tell me to get up and make breakfast cause Tamika usually does it.
Wtf?! Is my Name Tamika? Just asking!
I don’t have no prob making it sunny side up but you gotta work with me here.

And the list goes on, you get my point.

At the end of the day, what good am I getting out of you holding back and limiting me?

I jus don’t like being Compared!

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