Ok, my take on it, is simply MY opinion.

This is what the Men say about the Women and how they are with their kids.

Men: Having a child is not exciting to them. If you get this far into a relationship, the joy of a first boy/girl is lost on them because they’ve already had a child(ren). They just won’t share in that happiness with you, and you might resent that -BX

My Opinion: First of all, That’s totally untrue! If and when I have another child, I will totally be happy. Especially if it’s a man who makes me smile, cook butt nekked (yea I kno), go into work doing extra for no reason, just because. I have a man at home who Loves me and doesnt even think about putting a finger on me, for no reason at all. I will love that child like it was my first. I still have to take care of all of them regardless. So why would I neglect one child, cause that nigga pissed me off for breaking up with me, and marrying a Chinky Eyed Heffah cause WE can’t get along? Cause really, Its all about communication. Don’t assume just because of what the last chic did.

Men: One of the things that a lot of brothers get twisted is that they feel the need to play daddy.  No!!!  For the most part the child has a father, whether he comes around or not. -Sharp

My Opinion: YOU DAMN RIGHT! But my thing is, Why put on a front from the begining just to get the pussy when in fact you don’t even like kids, or say you have a child but never around that child, but then come around me like my kids are a disease. (Never happened to me before but I had to write that for my Friend lol)

Now, This is where I put my cards on the table and set it straight.

I meet quite a few men, no doubt, but why majority of them have kids but are never around or with them, is my question.

They always complain about a chic who is sooo irresponsible, don’t have no goals, she never let’s him see his seed (Right,Right) and so many other excuses.

No matter what the circumstances, a chic aint that stupid. I know she might say, f@$# you, you aint shhh etc, but I still feel like, if A man really wants to see his kids, he’ll make a way.

Reverse Phone search his cellphone,call his mom,family, if she moved–write down the tags and call DMV and say some crazy shhh like: My wife’s car got stolen and I found out someone has been using an address on that stolen car, Can you give me that information please, you know, shhh like that. lol Think fast negro.

But why should I have to tell you all that? Your kids ain’t priority.

You worrying about, what I’m doing and who I’m talking to, and why I’m always telling you to call me back after I said I’m tending to my kids.  

I’ve actually hung around dudes who probably spoke about their kids ONCE or TWICE and that’s cause I asked: You never mentioned your kids, How are they doing?

I totally agree, most Baby Mommas are idiots, but don’t penalize the next chic with your a**hole situation cause you wanna be stubborn.

Men With Kids

They Dont Take their kids out like they should

Force: No one’s forcing you to spend time with your Son/Daughter, It’s your responsibility. Tadpole came from your ass, She was not solely responsible for the come juice that came out of you that produced little Papreka or John John.

Baby Moms: She’s taking a percentage out of your check cause your supposedly being a bad father. Ok? So you don’t think she’s right?

I mean, a selected few do that cause they just idiots but majority don’t. If that’s the case then every chic will not have to work 3/4 Jobs, go to school (cause she dont have a BALLER on her arm to spoil her,have family watch them so she can go to the spa, cause a chic need a break.

Phone calls: Self Explanatory!!!! Do I have to tell your a** to call?

Talking or not, Does the kid have to suffer cause of our bullshit we got going on? Just saying!

Next Bitch: So, you got a next bi#$% in your life, and you couldn’t wait to bring her around our child.

I don’t bring men around my child(ren) because, 1 I’m not a hoe, and 2, I want my kids to respect the fact that,even though me and their father is not together, My judgement is still accurate enough to pick a Man who will understand my situation, and that when I’m ready to bring him to MY crib to meet my kids, that is the next step and that I’m serious about Him and I and my kids will understand that Mommy made a good decision and is considering His or Her feelings about their safety (–Child Predators) and well being as well as a person they can grow to love.

Your a** ain’t even thinking, cause your a Man. I know you wanna skeet all up in her. But Did you stop to think that our child is looking at you with disgust and running back to mommy like: Mommy, why is daddy with another women and why is she telling me to call her Step Mom?

You men think a chic can’t rebound just as fast as you can say “CHEESE” (Photo Album)


Time: Nuff Said!!!!

Buy Shit: Nuff Said!!!!

Ok, Let me Re-Phrase that lol

Clothes, Pampers,Shoes, Food (that’s if I ain’t on Welfare, cause your ass already being cheap),make sure your baby gotta place to sleep etc. I mean come on!

Men kill me! They always complaining about the have not’s and not speaking on the can do’s.

– I have not seen my kid in a week

   – What you can do is, Make a fucking effort asshole!

-I have not spoken to my kids since we broke up and she moved

   – What you can do is, Track the bi#$% down and search for the broad. If you can track down a negro on your corner who aint give you his cut of the profit for the drugs he borrowed from you and aint seen no interest on in months, then you can track Shanequa down for your kid!

So on and so forth. Ladies and Gentlenmen, This is just plain ridiculous. I have to tell a man how to accomplish his goal of spending time and doing shit with a child who is by Right and Law, if you put child support in the mix, Rightfully HIS and him making it out to be an obstacle, blaming it on the chic, when in fact, your part ain’t been played either, if you really wanna get technical, is up to HIM. Nigga, Know your ROLE and Play with with NO EDITS!!!!

I amped and half this shit aint even about me! lol

Look for a Part 2, cause you know its coming!

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