You killed ya self, and I Laughed when you dropped in your pool of blood,
But there’s no turning back from the asshole that you’ve become.

Why would you hurt me and carve deceit down the back of my spine,
O I get it–Telling me I was yours was nothing but a lie.

After all this time It makes sense and I can’t help but wonder,
Was she the bitch you was seeing while I was being wife to no other?

In the kitchen I moved–to the bedroom I wait,
When that key turns you just made your own fate,
You searched through the house for a woman of great,
Enough is enough and your heart is taint.

I’m in here I say and you walk right in,
I’ve been looking all over,where have you been?
Don’t worry about that–as my frown turns into a grin,
And you smile in relief as if you don’t know what’s about to happen.

I made dinner for you now eat up,
Napkin folds over your lap and you say–Sure Love.

Now chew and swallow and don’t forget to drink,
That’s it for you bastard–its exactly what you think.

I poisoned your food and you had to suffer,
Seeing how I was going through the same and you didn’t even love her.

Now why would you collaspe this bond?
Don’t speak—wait you can’t–cause you eyes are gone.

I walk away as you fight for you life,
I will never look back cause your feelings for me were just a might,
It may have been more but who’s to say I’m right,
And at the end of the day you were never mine.

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