I Love it when a Man plays his part and knows not to cross any boundaries.

Just like women, Men need to not have any feelings after sex and go straight home when finished cause My Man will be here shortly.

You know the basics, nothing to get hyped about. And at the end of the day our mutual agreement is just that–Agreeing you won’t try convincing me your better than my man and I won’t let you get on top of me. Cause let’s face it, anything facial, and when I say facial I mean intimate, and when I say intimate I mean, anything I can see your face, that means we are an item,a couple,wifey and boo-boo.
Missionary is an example primary.

My man might be pleasing me and he might not.

I could have the greatest sex in the world by my man but at the end of the day, there’s always lust and when lust enters,its very tasteful and tempting. And the thought of getting away with it is amazing.

Don’t call me late nights
And that’s if my man works a 9-5. Cause he already gone know what its hitting for.
Don’t ask me to pick you up
That is definetely a No-No.
Its 08. You should not be walking. No good D*!k is worth me getting out my house all oiled up,makin sure my Px++y is ready for you,only for you to not have a ride!
Calling out the L-Word
Now, although I shouldn’t approve, any man who tells me he loves me and falls in love,let’s me know my px++y is well worth it for him to be screaming I Love You.

But otherwise, you should not be calling out the L-word At Anytime At All.

Now, if he is a good Side Piece, he will automatically know his part. As in, he’s done this before and you will know what position to put him in when your man leaves.

He does NOT ask any questions, calls when he suppose to and takes direction very well.

He will also know not to intervein in your Mans Life.

Scenario Example: Supposedly runs into your man at the Gym,strike up a conversation and mention you and then invite himself to My Mans Dinner Night and now he’s apart or your friendship circle with you and your man.

Let’s face it, the rules might alter a little bit and more circumstances might be added to the list but they still apply and many need to understand that. This is strictly your part to play and once you agree to playing the Side Piece, Don’t change your mind when you figure this person is who you wanna be with for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. And that’s after the fact. lol

So, at the end of the day, play your role and do it with no regrets.


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