I always believed that there is Two Sides to a Story.

You know, when someone calls me and says: Jane Doe Said she saw John Doe kissing Monique and they both was grinding on each other in the club.

The usual thing to do…is to believe Jane Doe. Even though we haven’t even heard John Doe’s side.

The sad part is that, even though we wasn’t there to actually see what went down, Jane Doe probably might be lying and might be adding extra just to make the story more believe.

Now, just note that the story might even be exaggerated even more but I’m not gonna get into that.

Then, we get caught up and wanna be mad for something that isn’t necessary cause in actuallity, why am I mad that John Doe cheated on Jane Doe?
And why am I wasting energy in her situation when I need to find out what his side of the story is so that I can analyze my own theory and conclude my version and decide what is really the truth.

See, the thing I don’t like about one sided stories is that its ONE SIDE!

I’ve learned to never listen to one side and assume all facts just because I’m cool with one and not the other.
Or if I’m cool with both.

I mean let’s face it, are we really sure the facts are accurate?

So, in every situation, I always put it out there, and tell the person that, I’m gonna listen to your side but just know that, I’m not gonna automatically take your side cause I have no other facts besides the ones you’ve told me and until I hear Part 2 then its always gonna be two sides for me!

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