Why men who have kids are never with their kids?

Marinate on that while I blog.
I’ll get back to that later.

I feel like– nah, I know I’m a real person. Never had to front or alternate anything authentic to make me look good.

I’ve had sooooo many people come and go in my life. And its obviously something god is showing me and I need to take note.
At one point I started to say, maybe it’s me.
I know I have my moods and I tend to ridiculously spazz on you for no reason, but when people come in my life and turn their situation into yours and then say, your either not Real or your (Insert Bullshit Comment Here) is just plain out of order.

I know I’m always on the move and I make my money A LOT of different Ways. But let me say this: JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A 9-5 AND I DON’T, DONT MAKE MY MONEY LESS THAN YOURS. ACTUALLY I MIGHT BE SITTING PRETTY WELL MORE THAN YOU. AND EVEN IF I DID HAVE A 9-5 I STILL WILL BE DOING WHAT I WAS DOING B4 AND AFTER JUST TO KEEP ME FROM GETTING SICK (Cause if I don’t make money, I get Sick). So if you talk to me everyday and we suddenly don’t talk as much as we use to, then get over it! Everybody who knows me, know that, I’m CONSTANTLY on the move.  So being lazy is not an options. I’m sorry if I have to miss a few calls to tend to what’s most important. I’m sorry if I have to leave town and not answer a few calls cause sometimes I don’t want to be bothered. Its way more but I don’t have time to explain. Lol. I have 2 beautiful kids who depends on me. Speaking of which, Do you have any?

Now, this leads into the question I asked Earlier.

Here’s what I have a problem with.
Men love to sex but when you make that call and say I’m ‘Pregnant‘  , they a** strap a parachute to their back and jump out that plane so damn fast,just so they aint got paternity rights to a kids that wasn’t planned.

Majority of the time, between ages 1-18 a Mother is the sole provider,wether the father is there or not.
Man works,woman watch kids.
Woman works, woman watch kids.
I’m not gonna go into a whole speech cause my time is cutting and I need to make my point.

Doesn’t matter if you give her that check,you come see your “seed”,Let him hang out wit you and your >>>  <<< WHOA! Nevermind– Or take him/her out with you on your daily weed erands etc, still doesn’t change the fact that you don’t put the time in like a woman.

So don’t come at me like you don’t have any other priority besides focusing all your time on me. Its cute but after while, do something better with yourself. Negro, Read a book, call your kid or kids.

I aint never hear a man once, in all of my conversations say, I’m on the phone with my child,I’m texting my child,gotta call you back—-I’m about to pick up my child. And this has to be consistent, not no,once a week,once every blue moon bullshit.

What Really Is Ur Priority?

And, this is where my Blog on “Men with Kids” come in.

I been seeing alotah website,hearing alotah smack and blogs talking about The Women With Kids, Blah Crap so I’m a tell you my Opinion on Men and their antics.

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