Great way for  a Begining huh?

Back to Business.

I am really confused as to what the they really want. And when I say they, I mean Men. I am always the one to go out my way to buy dinner, cook it, as well as prepare. I’m the type of chic who will struggle and go through it with my man, hold down the household (cause he was doing it before he fell into his situation) while he go out and get it and would make sure whatever he needs, he will have it by tomorrow, no questions asked.

Disclaimer- This is not me, I am speaking on behalf of someone and would like an honest opinion.

Now, Let me as you this fellas?

Why would you diss that Chic who is nonetheless going hard for you– for a chic who has no substance and only see’s that you bought her that drink (which she thinks your a baller, when YOU know that’s MY money you’re spending)  to go home with her later (cause you damn sure betta not cum to my crib with dat mess) (go to hers) only to bang her back out for 2-3 possibly 10 mins if you got da henny in ur system (jus sayin)?

Fast Forward

After much begging, (Of course she left your ass)- She’s moved on and happens to spot you again, let’s say an outting with friends, and knowing you, you break your neck to get that second chance, but she acts like she didnt see you and continues with her converstaion she was having. You finally get that moment when she’s walking to her car and you tell her how much you’ve messed up and that whatever there is in life you have to do to get her back you will do it.

She’s looking at you like, ni**a: R U Serious?

But, She’s aso thinking, maybe i can re-think this. Did I not got through the storm, hell and back, why did I even leave?, didn’t hillary stick by clinton, only by a D*ck Suck Landslide?   

Would I risk getting Played again?


Now, This is where you (The Fellas), come in. Tell me what She should do.

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