In life we make mistakes, and in my case my mistake was you.

Being regretful isn’t a good thing, but why be content if your not willing to change, willing to learn and willing to be patient?

Sacrifice isn’t an option anymore and while your holding on, I’ve moved on.

See, the thing with men, they have Ego and Self.

Ego: Is the Outside that carrys the statistic of “I am” and “You Can’t”
-I am That (Insert Line Here)
-You Can’t tell me Nothing

Self: Regardless of Anyone telling me different, I know my-self more than you know me.

Men don’t understand what women go through to keep them. And how we bend knees so they can say: I have a Good women.

We put up with so much negativity from their Parents, Friends and whoever is around who may or may not potentially like them and all they care about is getting some.

So if regreting being with him, talking to him on the phone several times a day, going out with him etc, makes you happy…Whatever you do to make that change in your life to move forward then hey!, Being regretful isn’t as bad as you thought!

And I don’t hate you, Jus would like better.
Time is Ticking, So I guess I’m ah Regretful Heffa

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