Listening to The Game’s “One Blood” Remix

Thinking bout Thug life and what women see in a Man who portrays that image.

*Pause* : )

I must admit, every chic I know loves a dude who can hold their own.

Now, there’s also something about a guy who talks back and isn’t a yes Ma’ am dude.
-Minus the abuse (Although some chics love that)
Its exciting, keeps a chic coming back and doing more than she would if he was a regular 9-5 Nerd.

I’m not gonna get into the cliche’ and hype over everything but you know the standards.


I have no problem dating a Nerd.
Those are the ones who have they’re Shh together, tryna change their life around if they were a troublemaker back in the day, have a steady income…..not some– If it comes if it goes money and overall have meaning and purpose to make it in life.

But the nerds are also the ones to live a boring life, not as spontaneous…due to focusing more on work and not to mention putting you last when time isn’t available.

As oppose to the thug, who have no life,has no schedule…so he can take you anywhere, go out to eat and all thee above whenever you want just because. And has way more exciting things in his life like: Killing people, going to jail, sleeping with 3-6 women a week..depending on how he feels, not using a rubber with those women–so your liable to get preggers, along with all his other chics he’s bangin and other important stuff I can’t name! (LoL)

Realistically, a woman should weigh her options and decide if being with Thug life over an ambitious nerd is worth setting her life and standards back a few years. If so, then you need to re-evaluate your decisions.
Or Vice Versa!

Hey! I don’t discriminate, I just have opinions.

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