Don’t you hate it when you try to participate in the bedroom and the dude tells you to stop cause he wants to do his thang?


Well that’s what irritates me the most!


Guy Says: I want a freak in the bed.

                 I want her to control me and make me do things no other chic will.

Chic Says: I will ride you how you want me to.

                  Taste you in places you didn’t think exist.


..I Just don’t get it! Then when that time comes they want you to lay there and play dead while they pretend to be Mr. Marcus aka P**** Pumpah and now you don’t know what to do cause if you move he gon’ say you F’in up his strokes.


I, Myself…Like to Throw the P**** Back!


Tasting and Massaging, Letting him know that its his, and only his!


I remember one time I was getting it in and I was really going hard (Literally lol) and I was tryna show him how I’m not a chic who just lays there and take it. And he tells me to stop cause I’m working him too much, I’m not giving him a chance and I’m not letting him live up to his standards. Basically I was shutting his skills down, Big time!


Now, I’m not saying I’m a professional when it comes to sex but I know enough to make myself stand out and have my presence felt.


Here’s My List of Commandments To Follow When I’m Throwing It Back


*When I’m throwing it Back, I expect my dude to take it like he suppose to.

-Shut up and watch me n not complain that I’m taking control and have a big ass F’in smile on his face cuz he know he don’t have to do much work when he behind me.

*Put both hands behind his head when I’m riding him and don’t even think about touching my hips while on top cuz I will get off!

*Do not…I repeat DO NOT play with my p**** to see if its wet. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t be in this situation and gotten as far as we did.

*Don’t keep poking the middle, just sex me already! (The gap that meets the Butt and P Shot) *That is really annoying*. You either hard…or you not!!!

*Let me work you and not the other way around.

 -What’s the point of throwing it back if I cant run da D*** how I want it?


*NO FOUR PLAY! This is not Jason’s lyric, we F’kn…. so get with or get lost!


Ok! Now that I’ve gotten that out the wayI’ll see you in the Bedroom

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  1. thesavant says:

    Wow… that was pretty interesting. I must say that your list of commandments are pretty unique. I guess I can understand them all except for “no hands on the hips”. Whats up with that?

  2. Eb says:

    LMAO… I’m only like that when I’m drunk…lol. Sober I want him to show me he’s a man… pick me up, smack it and flip it. Especially if he’s just a jump off. If you my man than I would hope that you would let me have my way when I want.

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