You ever like a person and they just so attractive you’ll do anything for them?

Whelp, this is not that kind of post!


You meet a person and they are not your type but you know that you would benefit from him/her if you stick around because he/she has so much to offer you?!



You might think this is a gold-digger statement but its not.


It only applies if you’re using them for money>?

In this case you only want to be around them or do stuff with them unless you are getting something out of it!




You want to go to the NBA Playoff Season Ending Game but you know the only person who got the connect is the person you aren’t feeling. And its not like yawl cool (as in, that’s my homey, we can talk bout anything) (but in a sense of he/she like you cause they want to BE WITH YOU) like that person will give you stuff or do something for you just off the strength of how they feel towards you.

And now you got to suck it up and do whatever it takes for that exclusive. Now, I aint dropping drawz for no season tix but hey! To eaches own.


You don’t even want to be around them but you will smile up in their face, act like you like their family, and flirt with their ugly friends just so you can stay on their good side for whatever that person has to offer in the long run.


But when it runs out then what?


You realized you only like the person due to what they can give you. And when they really need you for something you nowhere to be found cause you don’t want to even accept a call from them after you got all you wanted!


Ok! Its semi-gold-digger –ish


What’s your take on this whole situation?

Have you experienced something like this before?


Please Share lol

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