I was riding the hell out of his “member” (Lol). I mean I was sucking (and I don’t do dem thangs), letting him pull my hair and all kinds of shhh.

One time we were on a F’in mountain and da cliff was cracking and I didn’t even care about dying cause on the way to the bottom we were F’in so much in thin air, I was in heaven praising his skills that I just wanted to climax.

And again, when I was home alone and all we did was four play. I mean the best four play i’ve EVER had.

Put a banana between my ass and ate dat shhh from the back till my gums got moist Betty Crocker said: *Ding* your cake is ready!


Oh!! I didn’t tell you? I remember one time I was so horny I was F’in da Muth-F’in Fridge. I don’t know how I got them edges to massage my Pumz but it felt goooood~!


I mean all of this happens and I’m still sleep!

Can You Believe That…SLEEP?

And the worst part of it is, while its thunder storming, Lightening all that!

Just when it’s getting good too!





RAIN wakes me up!


And I’m like, ain’t dat a Bisssh!


Best Sex Of My Life And Den…The RAIN Wakes Me~ SMH

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