Its like my heart can’t take it and I’m so weak. *smirk* I’m trying to erase any memory of you and its hard you know?!

I imagine my hand caressing your face, stroking your ego and tasting your bottom lip. Laying next to you in bed and sharing stories of life. Acting like I don’t know your there while you sneak up behind me and help me wash dishes. I mean its so many things I could speak on, but you’re still not here and I’m hurting.

We never argued, you didn’t cheat. I couldn’t find a single wrong-doing in your body, or was it just me?

You were never really mines and I was never really yours, but somehow in the past, when we were together it seemed like the quote “Couple” would stick. We just lost contact and it would be great to hear from you again.

And if you didn’t know back then I’m telling you now: Love Hurts.

Yeah, I said itLove. I was in love with you and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you when I had the chance. Didn’t think you telling me you love me and I– not saying it back would affect my feelings I had for you in the past.

I’m pretty sure you’ve moved on and I’m not tryna rekindle any flame/just wanna know if your love for me–for any odd reason somehow has changed/but in due time if your life happens to 360 and you wanna contact me/hit da myspace, AIM, Yahoo or da blackberry addy.

This is a testament to anybody who wasn’t willing to express what’s bottle up and ready for release and can’t find the right moment. Any moment is the perfect moment, no matter what!

It will be worth it.

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