It taste good don’t it?

Toppings: Strawberries, Chocolate Syrup, Bananas, Ice cream, Ice and anything that comes to mind.

Location: Home

Time: 11:00 pm

Close your eyes and be quiet.
*shh* don’t speak.
Ahh ahh ahh. Don’t move, just relax. I promise it’s only fun.

Listen to what I’m about to say..

While his eyes are closed, I backed him up into the seat and tell him to wait.
Loosen his tie and rip his shirt open and noticed he had a rough day.
I say: if you slightly open your eyes or happen to peak, promise me I can do whatever I want and at the end, have you on your knees.
I oil him down and massage all the tense spots, bend his neck back and ask if he wants me to stop.
He tells me no so I cock my leg up and place his hand in between so he can feel I’m warm, he laughs and say: O yeah, can’t want til I put you in pain and have that ass torn.

Enough of the rhyming and let’s get straight to the point.

Now, he’s fully concious of what’s going on, no fill-ins or drugs involve.

I feed him all the things I named in the begining and he loved it. I even poured syrup from my breast to my borderline all while his eyes are closed.

He gets up and says he doesn’t wanna play anymore.
I guide him to the bed and lay him down. Climb on top and start riding him. He’s telling me I run shit and I’m not stoping till I say stop. I’m killing his Face and my juices are all over his nose,lips, everything.

Oh wait! You thought I was riding his D**k right? Sadly mistaken.

He felt like a lil’ Bit*h after cause he though we was gon’ F**k, but I laughed and said: O really? You shit outta luck.

My oven was ready to bake some facial cakes and I never said it was about him did I?

He didn’t object and yeah, I did leave him hanging…but who cares when you want what you want. He’ll get it any other time but tonight, not happening.

2 responses »

  1. Bush Baybee says:

    Feed me

  2. C M says:

    Ha ha… interesting.

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