Ahh, Where do I begin…

You know what’s funny?
I wasn’t even gonna post this till it was appropriate but it is what it is. I’m so eager to tell you bout’ this guy its krazy.

His walk makes me stare and in the words of BIG: I’m F***king you tonight.

I mean, you can’t blame anyone but his mom for that perfect smile!
Teeth all white and Sh*t. And its rare you see a guy with healthy pearls.

I wanna ride his D**k on the hood of my car in broad day light.

Take him outta town with me and Cruise Control F**k his abdominals.

Is it too soon to tell you about a guy who I barely see? and every time we link it feels comfortably right when we speak.. *sigh*

Yea, he has a reputation and its cool. I mean not like a Male Hoe rep…well maybe..Look! All I know is I want him!
But either time is stopping us or I’m busy doing me.

On the phone we’re business-like, but in person….that’s a whole different ball game.

I know he See’s right through my clothes the time I do get to see him.
He talks about how big my T*ts are and suckable?..Ha! You already know.
And I purposely wear no underwear just so he could try me. As for the P***y, Pandora’s box is waiting to be opened.

I hope he knows I wear shit to show how phat my ass is so he could grip it and slap my sh*t.

One night he was leaning on my car and I turned my back towards him and put my ass up against his D*ck. I bent over so my head could meet my ankles and boy!..was I tempted to let him fu*k me on da trunk of my car.  When I told him to grab my shit he laughed. *mmm*

Me and him are WAY Overdue.

Our convo’s are like old school hip hop and the sex? ..I can’t wait til its Classic R&B.

Don’t get it twisted! I aint in love with da dude but he just does it for me.

I’ve went back on my word with him plenty of times and maybe I’m just curious to see what will make of our constant meet-ups.

Boy o boy, what things I will let him do to me while I surrender.

When I looked in his face, I grabbed his shirt, bit my lip and he could tell I wanted his d*ck to cripple my insides and have my p***y harnessing  his shaft. The dreams I have when I’m alone is ridiculous. I don’t even play with my pu**y but I would infront of him if he wanted me too and I would enjoy it cause’ he’s there watching.

I guess this is why most guys can’t trust me now, cause of dudes like him.

2 responses »

  1. Eb says:

    Somebody is Jonesin fo real. I loved the Classic R&B line

  2. niece says:

    put out a book already geesh!!!!!!!!!! u need to b paid 4 ur talent in writing.

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