Can you really classify a Female by the way she F*cks all by just looking at her shoes? Well, maybe!

You have the categories; let’s run them down shall we?

(I’ll explain)

Sandals/Slippers: Easy Access.
She likes to get in and get out. She tends to be impatient on taking time out to buckle or strap up shoes so she slips into a soft flat whenever she can. She’s the 1st one to pull a skirt out the closet with a spandex top, no bra and ready to give you the business anyway and everywhere you like. She ready!

Wedges: Ah ha! These type of chics who love support. Therefore, they will be the first to tell you hold onto me or let’s cuddle.
They will not let the guy leave after sex and these are the ones that will actually clean your house, wash your clothes, you know…wifey material. But the sex isn’t exciting, as she tends to only want one round and only love making.
Heels/Spikes: AKA F*ck Me Pumps!
Now this is me all the way. Even if I’m naked, I gotta have nothing on but my spikes and baby oiled down. These the type of chics that is definitely willing to try things in the bedroom, car, movie theatre, back of the store during closing time, you name it! Whatever you tryna do, she got you. She’s also the director. She tends to lead which will have most guys kind of intimidated if they aren’t use to a chic running things. She also tends to rock her heels with whatever fits her personality that day. Heels can make any outfit scream ‘F*ck me’. So there’s no holding back with this type of chic.

Sneakers: O boy! These are the rough sex type. Definitely will bang your back out if you play with her P***y the wrong way. Golds in her mouth (a few of them do), finger wave, hoody, long nails and a mean head game. She wants you to beat da Sh*t out of her while y’all F*cking. give her bald spots from pulling her hair. Rough, Harlem glob trotter bootleg porn her ass. And the krazy thing is, she takes that sh*t like a man, literally. Girl can definitely hang!

Boots: For some reason, every chic I know who rock boots love a good dominatrix act. They are the ultimate side shows. They take freaky to a whole new level and I don’t think that’s cute. Next!

Barefoot: Now this is the shoe of all shoes! These chics live free. These the type of chics that will walk out the house, no socks, no nothing and get in their car, go to the gas station to get some cigarettes,walk in the store, purchase and walk out like it never happened. That’s just nasty. If they do that, then they will let you f*ck em’ raw, skeet all in them, tell you her p***y clean after she just got off the toilet without wiping and hop right on your ass and start riding and you will disregard that cause’ it didn’t even penetrate til after you bussed.. that you just smashed a nasty ass chic whom you think might’ve left pee-pee juice on the tip of your dick. She likes to wear house clothes in public. LoL

Now….you can run with my list or act like you never read it, but you know I’m right so why bother?

See you next post

3 responses »

  1. Eb says:

    This was funny… and damn I love me some stiletto boots… but am nothing like the boot category that you descibed… so I’m gonna figure that you were talking about tims…lol

  2. niece says:

    i already expressed myself and my thoughts on this lol….nice.

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