Let’s really define Loyalty shall we?


Loyal: The quality or state or an instance of being loyal.


The concept of loyalty is also an important part of ethics, which I will not get into.


I for one am very loyal to anyone is loyal to me.


At first, I am usually the one to let you earn my trust and then let you hang yourself in the process if you fail.

But now, I give you trust in the beginning. That way, if you f*ck up from the start then that gives me no option but to dismiss your friendship or anything that may occur later.


I say, why not be honest or value me regardless if it’s a slow progression.


People use loyalty out of context and seem to think that if things don’t go the way they planned with his/her then that’s not loyalty, wrong!


Im gonna run down my list of  what is and what isn’t loyalty and tell me if you agree.


What is Loyalty?


-Loyalty is when situations get rough and everyone left you and that one person is still standing regardless of the consequences.

-Loyalty is when your friend has a one bedroom and take all 8 of your kids in when its snowing negative thirteen just so you won’t be on the street freezing.

-Loyalty is when you’re locked up and the person who you dissed for the fakes had you resorting back to the positive friend only to have you calling his/her to bail you out and they actually come and did it after you put them through hell with the fakes.


I mean I should not have to go on.


What is not Loyalty!


-Being mad at a person because they didn’t come with you on your trip to do your drug deals.

-Sexing his or her Boyfriend/Girlfriend because they are unaviodable and atractive. (Everyone knows his/her partners to a friend is off limits)



Again, Shall I go on?


If you feel the person you are associating yourself with is not in your category of standards, then don’t waste your time by stringing them along as well as giving all your energy instead of focusing on what you really need to, and that’s you!


Be Loyal To Yourself! If anynody knows yourself more than anyone is you. So be humble, stay productive and value within yourself before you pick and choose your friends.



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  1. Bush Baybee says:

    I agree, Loyalty and Honesty which is mutual form Trust. Trust is the bond between Friends.
    If you are missing any of these, i doubt that you can really call that person your Friend. -J

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