Ah yes, you!

Why is it that every time we have a conversation you have to drop names in reference to what we discuss?

Like today, when I asked you what you feel like eating for lunch in which you reply, well when Allen, you know Iverson would ask, he’d take me to strips or somewhere nice for lunch. *blank stare*

Or like yesterday when I asked am I picking you up in which you reply, nah sincerely said she’ll do it.

I mean why not say: Thanks for asking but I’m not hungry or I’ll find my way thank you.

You ever notice when speaking to these particular people that they have to prove a point like it matters?

I know quite a few people and I don’t have to justify who I do and do not know.

What am I gaining by droping they’re name?

I have to stare those people in the face very hard to let them know I could care less. Because I’m going to eat and still have a ride when its all said and done.

Has this happened to you?

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  1. Liryc says:

    Hasn’t happened to me.. yet.. but they do these things to show that they have clout or that they have some kind of connection with this other person, but mainly its to stroke their own ego and try to impress you.. or just being a braggin ass, but in it all they are just being an ass!!

  2. just always say Doggie Diamonds. he’s that nigga!

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