He doesn’t call on the regular, but when he does, he talks about how his life is so busy and when he has time he uses it accordingly.

Peep game:  He calls out the blue to say he got some chic pregnant, then ask you for advice—mind you- he was telling you how this chic trapped him into getting her pregnant (Read renaissanceblackwoman.blogspot.com. She wrote a lil’ topic on that. No woman can trap you unless you let her trap you), how he hates the way she tries to control him, she dislikes you and the love he has for you, how she moved to California for 5 months and came back 2 months later talking bout’ she pregnant, tells you all the shady shit she’s done, then gets shocked as to why you’re not mad that he got her pregnant and all thee above follows. You tell him that he’s not your man and that you’re disappointed that he still make these decisions at 30+ years old and its something he has to deal with for the rest of his life.

So you tell him how you’re in a happy state of mind and that you’re having fun with life and that dating is something that’s going good for you.

Him: oh really?

And you’re like: yes really!

You tell him that you have a new man in you’re life and not once has he pissed you off, make you cry or made you second guess his actions and he says: that’s good for you.

Then all of a sudden, this n***a decides he wants to call you everyday, every hour, every minute and you’re like wtf is up with this guy?

He has the nerve to say: whats up with you answering your phone? And your like: whats the problem, you never stress me before about not answering my phone?

Him: I’m just concerned that’s all. So what you fu*king now or something?

You: *Hang up*

Stop right there! Even if you were fucking, why is that any of his business?

N***a done got jealous all of sudden since you doing your own thing and he can’t handle that. When your ass was single, he WASN’T even thinking about hitting you up and now he got insecure!

I’m not saying he’s not suppose to show his now 2 months preggers baby momma on the way any love but the fact that he dislikes all the qualities about her and now he’s using her as an excuse to not see you is all the reason you have to move on and do you.

HE’S A SELFISH ASS DUDE!!! He only wants you when its convenient and right now- you’re not convenient to him and he hates that. He want to call you whenever HE’S ready and he can’t do that because your time is well occupied.

That’s a bi**h n***a move and he knows it!

In the words of Beyonce’, If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it!

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  1. P says:

    you absolutely right, he is a bitch ass nigga….but chicks do it 2 an hard cuz yall are more emotional. Chicks wanna leave but they cant, got attitudes 4 no reason(or society tells u a woman has needs, times r hard..lol). yall got ue shit to now, the dont make women how they use 2. Men 2. Giving us a bad name. Chicks wanna ta b niggas an niggas wanna b bitches…hit me bak xoxoxoxox

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