You like that daddy?

I bet you do!

I love it when my body smiles for you and your body responds back by greeting me with open arms *smile*.

I’m taking it like a champ and you’re not giving up without a fight, so I throw it back and tell you that you don’t have to worry I’m not resisting—go ahead and break my back.

I put my face all the way down till my head meets my feet and  let you deep stroke my tunnel while I grind my teeth. I mean, why not grab my waist and slap my cheeks, tell me to sing the alphabet slowly and give a special shout out to soft stroke daddy.

Here—touch it and play with the clit, its ok if you stop and put your face in it.

Its amazing how my smile turned into a laugh, the way you had it giggling when my moans would go fast.

And how you’d watch your d**k go in and out while you talk to me in rough mode, and how I’d scream harder and harder  while you paced yourself as my juices flow.

You tell me to spread my legs so you can position your feet, I say why should I its already deep.

I’m holding onto your ankles now cause’ you OD’n on the p***y, you say sh*t—this isn’t what I thought  it would be—nice and warm, overflowing and hugging my d**k this tight ya feel me?

You cum’n and I’m like hurry up, you should’ve been came instead of holding back your nut.

You jerk and pull and buss on my ass, I’m like damn dude—that’s it? And you say yeah, datz it! And im like too bad.

All that for 4 minutes of pleasure?

Come on now dude, you can’t be serious? I’ve had way better!

2 responses »

  1. liryc says:

    damn!! I mean you know how to hurt a dudes feelings with that last bit.. sheesh, but I know what you mean, 4 minutes isn’t long enough, where’s the foreplay and the time to explore.. OH NO!!

    Tell homie to step his game up cause he is seriously lacking in the hang time dept.

  2. Eazyacess says:

    4 mins of pleasure ?? Dammnn girls da I been with I give them an minu of 50 mins of foreplay n 20 mins of oral n sex. An lot of guys dnt kno wut dey doin n bout da female body.

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