Is it me or is it that body hair brings oder?

Now women, You need to keep it clean and shaved down there cause’ the men will talk, and you don’t want that!

I hate it when you go out your way to get the CAT all done up and this negro gets on top of you with his retro-style-nappy head-no shape up having pubics , then have the nerve to be pounding the sh*t out of you with his non-antibacterial  d*ck hairs & balls–aint even properly washed having ass all on you.  And now you mad cause’ you wasting perfectly kodak cootch on him!

Them the same ones who go to their boys saying your cootch stink, but not realizing its they’re ass not properly taking care of themselves.

Men don’t realize that hair brings order.  And majority of the time, its them that’s doing the stinking.

Hair bring moisture, which brings order and that can lead to the condom falling off even before sexual intercourse, which also can lead to you’re cootch reacting a certain way (cause you’re vagina is very sensitive even when there’s no intercourse invovled) (that’s why they tell you to bathe or shower before sex) and then you can have all type of infections off that alone.

You know men are not gonna take the blame, even when they know its them and that’s why they LIE to cover-up they’re faults,  which leads me to believe they have insecurities in the bedroom.  We all know most men have it, when confronted with body order on their body parts to keep from getting talked about.  So they put ego before sex and body before anything.

So I say, If you can, Talk to your man and let him know its an equal thing. And if he wants to have amazing smell good sex, then he needs to shape up his lower level.  Now I know most men will say that’s gay or whatever– but I say, at least he’s trying to accomadate me in the sexual department.

If you watch a substancial amount of porno’s (which most men try to re-enact in the bedroom anyway) (EXCLUDING the hood sex dvds), you will see all the men have their d*ck area shaved.

I mean, It feels so uncomfortable when he’s touching my baby smooth puss and he’s solid rocking my top lip with his non-antibacterial d*ck hairs.

As in the Italians would say *fah get about it*

Just wanted to share since men stay talking about women and their faults but are NOT talking about their own. SMH

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  1. KIKI says:

    Girl you are SO right, that shits hilarious tho…ur too funny…fellaz need to take NOTES!

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