I have mixed feelings about this post in particular. Although women have needs, rules, laws or whatever you wanna call it–there should be no reason why ANY woman should not get wifed up. Standards or not. Independent or not.

I feel, regardless of how she presents herself to that specific man–he should work with what is given. No woman is perfect as no man is perfect. That’s why they created opposites and we learn from experimenting and progressing, wether the progression is dead-on or never-ending.

Nonetheless, Sharp is an Amazing Writer and I wanted to post this Topic. Feel free to comment and give your honest opinion.

So she says

“I got a good job”
“I got a degree and a solid education”
“I can cook”
“I can clean and take care of house”
“I am great in bed”
“I am independent”

You can have all of these things and still never get wifed.


Because a man wifing a woman has very little to do with these things.

If you can’t make your man feel like a man when he’s around you, he’s never going to wife you.

Alot of women don’t let men be men. They always wanna compete for head of the household. They wanna be equals.

Unfortunately, the way us men are wired, having a woman as a equal is not going to work in a relationship.

A women should follow her man’s lead, and in return a man should respect his woman’s judgment, but ultimately be the one who makes the decision.

Sexist, Chauvinistic, right?

Not really. A wife is not a slave or a servant (although the bible may beg to differ on the latter), but a companion, the vice president and first lady to the president. She stands by her man no matter what.

Which leads me to support. If you’re always putting your man down, focusing on the negatives and his shortcomings, why would he want to be with you.

A man’s pride is very important to him.

In addition, your success has nothing to do with him wifing you. You could be making $100,000 a year. You could be an MD or hold a PhD from an Ivy League School. If you try to make yourself appear to be the better and stronger one in the relationship, he ain’t wifing you.

Being independent is okay, but it’s called being a feminist at the extremes. A woman who walks around saying “She has her own” isn’t attractive or wifeable to a man who wants to support his family. Shunning his support because you have your own will either end you up alone or with a man who will use you for your funds.

Sucking a mean dick or gymnastics in the bed makes you eligible to get that late night phonecall, but not wifeable. Contrary to the belief of most women, pussy is in abundance. The average man can get sex on a consistent basis if he looks for it. No matter what he says in the bed, your pussy ain’t that special in comparison to other women out there. Ever heard the expression, “why buy the cow, when u can get the milk for free”.

So in conclusion, if you see yourself doing any of these aforementioned things, STOP IMMEDIATELY. This is probably why men either

A) don’t mess with you
B) hit it and quit it
C) use you

Sharp’s Contact Pagehttp://www.thesharpperspective.blogspot.com

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  1. Bush Baybee says:

    Thats a modern problem, there are no more traditions. we all have to find our own way and try to make it work. At the end of the day a man wants to be respected and women?, well im still trying to figure that out.
    Speaking from a man’s point of view, we are built to be the providers and the protectors, if our women do not allow us to play our part i think it disturbs the rhythm of the relationship and opens us up to serious Ego and insecurity problems. What is a relationship really? it is usually based on not just mutual attraction but also mutual need. How can we be secure in one if we dont feel needed?
    Yes every woman can get wifed, but if you want the MAN that you want and not some little boy, you have to let him be the Man.
    Take the pants off every now and then and put on the skirt, trust me he will still be paying attention.

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