There’s no other way to describe how you’ve made me feel over the time that has passed. I dislike you with a passion, and wondered how I even wasted time getting to know you. I wonder why I always get to a stage where love is endless—and get to the top of the anticipation—only to realized it was lust all along.

The times you’ve questioned me and never even waited to see the outcome of every circumstance is beyond amazing. Instead of being patient and trusting my judgement, you discourage the faith I had in the both of us to continue what was planned—and that was being with you.

I’ve met a few guys indeed, but none stood out like you.

I’ve thought about guys after hanging up, but none like I think about you.

You’re voice mails are still saved—yup! I’m still listening to you.

Maybe I’m still curious as to what would’ve been, but I don’t want the drama that comes with you and I’m fighting for you to change. And I hope you did.

Aww , who am I fooling? You’re not gonna change!

That’s what my mind keeps telling me but my heart says otherwise. I have to be smarter than that. The next or current chic shouldn’t have to suffer because of you’re insecurities and the women who’s cheated on you or did you wrong.

I’ve scribble, I’ve scribble, balled and tore/till my fingers cramped and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Papers left and right– trying to find the perfect letter to send to you after everything that has happened. I promised myself I wouldn’t speak to you again—then so be it.

But this isnt really speaking so I’m good with that.

I wanted to tell you about yourself and say all kinds of shit, but every time I remotely pronounce your name you make me sick.

I then started to stare at the wall and think crazy shit, how I’d do some grimey antics and afterwards laugh at it.

its not even in my nature to be psychotic, and I’m right—so I got it together and kept it moving.

Its funny how time flies—yeah Janet said it best, but did you stop to think you wasn’t impressing nobody but yourself?

So all this time what have you learned?, not a damn thing but ego and Me moving on!

I’m gonna be woman enough and close this chapter we should’ve done a longtime ago, while you’re sitting there reading this I’m turning the page and wahlah—its closed!

I’m still apart of you as you are with me, I’m willing to be friends and let the past be.

Here’s my official letter –hey its not much, but at least you know I left my touch.

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  1. mrstephens85 says:

    Wow, now thats a good read, i love the way thats worded…

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