Just follow me on this one

Now, is it me or can you tell when someone getting some?

Chick all slim, looking like she starving herself, depressed, angry and just annoyed with the world.

Next chick, all healthy, body toned up, all 32’s shown everytime you see her and she always damn excited!

I always assume shit till I’m proven wrong, but if a d*ck is causing your weight to fluctuate then that’s where I step in.

D*ck so good you gaining weight, you suddenly see straight, your day can function well and you barely eating but you know that good D*ck is all the Vitamin C and Carbs you really need. Now that’s healthy!

But if you overdosing for no reason and its making you obese then your not getting that good D*ck. Shit is making you depressed, you lost weight, now you gaining it, but more than you should, cum juice has all the bad shit in it for you–like candy, donuts, apple juice mixed with koolaid and its not curving in the spots it needs to hit in order for your body to act right. And that’s Fattening!

So get on the fast track to getting that lean cuisine d*ck and no complaints!

Now am I right or Am I right?

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  1. Star says:

    You stupid…

    But I do know what you mean…
    Chicks be getting all wide throughout the hip area….
    Growing asses (out of nowhere) …

    It would be the penis… Yes, it would….and even thought they be all like “Naw, I ain’t having sex”… as Shakira says… “the hips don’t lie”…

    Did I tell you I love your blog?

  2. Girl, you ain’t said NOTHIN’ but a word!

    You see, when I’m getting that GOOD DICK, I’m eating all healthy making sure I can fit those skinny jeans with NO PROBLEMS! Making sure that my stomach is flat in all Sexual positions, NOT just flat when I’m laying on my back! LOL! Ladies you know what I”m talkin about!

    GOOD DICK, sends me to the gym and helps me with my time management skills. YOU SEE, if I know I’m getting a piece of that GOOD DICK @ 11PM Central Time, then I know that after work I need to make sure I take care of all my shit for the day, I wash my damn clothes, straighten up the house, check e-mails, make sure the pussy shaved correctly, Take a sexy shower, pick out some sex lingerie, then right on que……

    IT’S GOOD DICK TIME! HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So ummm, yeah, I get you Girl!

    Forever Fabulous,
    The Single Dame

  3. -Q. says:

    I like it when they get a little mo lift on tha bumper.. That let me know im putting in the work. Its official when they have a freind confirm that shit.. I think its the dude who has to moderate the dick diet.(Cuzz if you good) a chick cant get enough and krispy kremes (and sum dick) can get to they head!

    But on anotha note i do think dick can let dumb ho’s see- get a little direction, purpose maybe in they life lol… Some niggas prey on that type and mold them.. Unfortunately the game got too many of them than the women with a head on they shoulders.. Respect luv -Q.

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