Ladies, you ever get all oiled up, body smelling good, you purposely wore no panties cause’ you know what about to go down, only to get there and watch TV?

Don’t you hate that shit?!

You know I came over here to fuck, so why act dumb when I get here?!

Then what make it so bad, they wanna conversate, wanna throw hints that he wants to fuck but ain’t tryna come off hard cause’ he think you might leave (wtf) and then ask you why you sitting all the way over there, I mean so many shit that’s unnecessary just to get some dick is beyond stupid!

Then that’s when I “play sleep“, tell him let’s go upstairs, turn off the TV cuz I’m tired, and the nigga still don’t catch the hint (although some do) a9nd start clapping my hands like: Thank God, something had 2 shake.

Here go the bullshit, the nigga actually starts falling asleep!

So you tell him that you wasn’t actually tired and that you didn’t shave your pussy for nothing, and he says he didn’t know if I still wanted to fuck. *wtf*

*sigh* if he ain’t the dumbest nigga on earth!

So then what?

He clicks the TV on to watch sports. In my mind I’m like:  Is this nigga serious! *dis nigga love him some TV*

So I get on top, tell him to turn the TV off, suck his neck, tell him to grab my ass and let’s fuck!

He tells me he wants me to play with my pussy in front of him.
I said: wtf you think this is?
You had me waiting damn near an hour just for the dick for you to tell me to play with suzie and you not even hard!

He said: that’s what will get me hard

*side eye*

So I rub my titties, lick my finger and massage my pussy real good for him, but I don’t put my fingers inside, just enough playing to get him hard.

He tries to get on top but you know how I feel about dudes on top of me, so I tell him to get me from the back.

Seems like he was scared to grab my ass cause’ I kept saying: grab my ass. LoL

This nigga had to be an amateur cause’ I kept telling him how to fuck me and to spread my ass cheeks when he’s banging me from the back cause’ it makes me wetter when he needs it instead of ‘pretending like he wants it’.

I feel like, if a dude makes you wait for sex, the anticipation gets tainted. Because you were already waiting to fuck after all those late night phone calls saying: can’t wait to fuck, and when you get there, it takes forever TO FUCK! LoL

Overall, he’s history!


Sex was average but If you gotta wait 45 mins or more everytime you go over a dude house just to have sex, then just drive past his house on the way to the after hour spot.

At least you’ll be enjoying myself!

I need that WOW FACTOR and I’ve yet to experience it!

Where is he?

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  1. Wowzers! Disappointment of mass proportions. I feel ya girlie, sometimes you just want them to want you so bad that nothing but death could keep them from it. I just can’t believe fear of rejection had him slow roll’n like that for so long….45 mins, like WTF? NEXT!!!

  2. -Q. says:

    Damn sound like somebody had to wait forever and a day to tee off at the clubhouse lol.. I always say, if its going down and yo nigga dont, bust a fuckin move! Tug at that belt, or put that suzie in his face lol you know. Think of it this way. There’s alot of manish ass cats out there (especially in the south) literally taking the puss with or without a shorty’s will. Some niggas are just stupid some just dont want that chick to feel like they coming too strong- that ‘ll keep the dick dry fa sho that nite. Let homeboy know what time it is and how to roll, then if he still a puss then hit up the afterhour spot lol.. Love the blog -Q.

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