I’m definitely amazed how things have turned out between us, And I no longer catch an attitude when men holler at me.

Its like I get uneasy when other people have great relationships, and my love life never seems to work out.

I keep saying maybe one day it’ll happen; and I must say it did!

He makes me feel warm inside, like fudge sundae when its poured over me.

He makes my pussy wet just thinking of his name– when I’m suppose to be thinking of work.

He makes my breast stand up, like a newborn baby waiting to be fed.

The way he sucks on my tits makes my body ache and I love it-cause’ right after– we take intimate baths just the two of us.

When I see him, I drop things, like I’m just THAT CLUMSY.

We talk on the phone for hours and it feels rightjust believing that he keeps my heart from pain.

I don’t want this to be something that I go hard for and end up being disappointed in the end. oh shit!, I spoke too soon.

He was tainted from the beginning!

When he met me, he knew my weaknesses.

He knew I’ve been through alot.

He knew whatever happened; I would still keep a piece of the wall I tored down only because its too good to be true.

It’s like–


Like–It didnt happen on its own.

The connection.

I mean, I’m not fighting it, but I feel like, If he didn’t know me, and we started from scratch, didn’t know my history, then the doors would’ve been more open for random and the ‘WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS’ moments.

I always say– If a guy knows your past, then how can he stick with you through the future?

Because if and when it gets rough on the relationship–he’ll always refer back to the past!

And that’s something I ALWAYS DEAL WITH.

A guy will say he wants to get to know you, tell him your history, what you like to do, what got you to this point in your life etc–ONLY for him to use it against you when things get heated. 

Then whats the sense of getting to know me when you want me to turn into the old me!

No matter how you look at it, things are always gonna get tainted.  And if he can stay moving forward then the relationship will work.

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