I do it all the time and this night makes it much more special!

I turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep.

I tossed and turned thinking bout you; so I took off my top!

Now I have my bra on and my pussy is throbbing.

I usually sleep with no panties on so my pussy can breathe at night but for some reason it felt more exciting as to why I couldn’t sleep.
I closed my eyes and started massaging my breast and I don’t know what made it feel better than any other time when a man is touching them but I took my time and imagined my fingers were silk!

I licked my index finger and started to moan.

I traveled my hands to my stomach and paused!
*-got up, put on a robe and went downstairs to get a cup of ice, got back in the bed and proceeded-*

This time, I used ice to play with my nipples and it felt amazing!

I sucked on the ice and put it back on my breast again, but this time it traveled to my belly button to the tip of my pussy.

I massaged my pussy thinking how this is sooooo much better than sex.

I bit the ice cube and put 2 or 3 pieces of it inside my pussy, and I’d watch it drip down my ass cheeks onto my sheets and make me want my fingers inside even more.

I put my fingers inside and it felt so erotica! I mean, my sheets were soakedand it made me wanna play with my clit again and again. I mean, I saw birds, my life flashed before my eyes and I realized that I was suppose to be sleeping, and I’m in bed playing with my pussy- and from that night I had to ban my fingers from even going below the navel and I’m cool with that. Cause’ lord know what magic will start!

All from sleeping with no underwear!

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