You ever go hard on the fore play only to realize when its time to fuck there’s no condoms?

Well folks, where shall I start!

We’ve only been seeing each other for a couple weeks now, on and off, and every time we meet he’s ALWAYS with his boys.

So this one particular night I got all oiled up, pussy and everything all bare, no hair what-so-ever!, no bra, basically I was tryna fuck!

I put on a wife beater, a nice little skirt, and some slippers. Cause’ I knew I was going over there to throw everything I was wearing on the floor anyway-so why waste a good outfit if its not gonna be properly seen?!

Anyway, so I drive all the way over there, I’m talking bout’ this nigga live far as is–and I mean the road starts to turn into rocks!–So you know he live far. When I pull up to the crib, he meets me outside talking bout’ I look ready to fuck; I said: Sure do!

So I walk with him inside and what thee fuck to my surprise- Chile! His PARENTS were sitting on the damn couch soon as you walk in! *side eye*

*press brakes*! *rewind*

He was in college at the time and was visiting for the weekend so I didn’t know all this till the night we fuck!

*I know, I know, Sue Me*

Ok! *fast forward*

Man, talking bout’ uncomfortable! I was naked underneath, no bra-so my nipples showing all hard and shit, and its after 1am–you know they looking at me like a hoe!

So he gives his parents the signal, and to my surprise, they actually get ghost!

I watched his parents go upstairs, and where the couch isyou can see their room from where we are sitting! So I’m like wtf are we suppose to do now!

*Hold on! Pussy getting moist just thinking about the excitement!*

So he starts massaging my legs and puts his hand under my skirt!

*lawd* you know my pussy just started dripping, Mmm*

[I’m glancing at the door tryna make sure his parents don’t come out even for a cup of juice!]

So he takes my top off and starts sucking my titties, and when I say I’ve never had a tittie suck like that, I mean it!  He lick places on my body that I didn’t know made me cum! He sucked my toes, damn near feasted on my pussy and all this while fighting back pleasure to orgasm cause’ his parents might come out the room! I mean, I’m trying not to get loud, but can you blame me? Lol

So he asks me am I on birth control, and I’m shocked cause’ who does that?

Number one, unless we are in a committed relationship and plan on having kids aka MARRIED, then you are NOT rawing me homey!

So anyway–I know you want me to get to the point!

He tells me “he doesn’t fuck like that, condoms make him allergic and he’d have to go to his friends house next street over to get condoms”. So I said: sure, I’ll wait! He gives me the “are you serious” look before he gets up off my pussy tip with a little bit of my white stuff on the corner of his lip. *giggles*

So I’m waiting, and waiting, AND waiting, damn near 2 1/2 hours past and he comes in talking bout’ his friend only had one condom left and the condom he gave him was old and he had to go to the store to get some so that’s why he late.

So we end up starting from square one cause’-after waiting that long you’d have to get me back in the mood after seeing my face for that long wait.

This time, pulls me up stairs and we get it popping. What thee fuck!, bed needs more than grease, it need a tub a butter to clear the flight for landing before it touchdown. He was telling me to be quiet and I’m looking at him like: nigga, you’re bed is the one making more noise than me. I’m telling him harder and he’s going slower, I’m telling him slower and he’s going harder. What type of man don’t take direction?

So after we finish, I realized, this whole night would’ve been semi-descent if it wasn’t so many distractions and interruptions on his part and his part only. Only because I came prepared; he wasn’t even ready when I pulled up period!

So next time I gotta let a dude know before hand that we are gonna be sexing? Why is that! He should already know that if I’m coming over after 1am then its definitely popping regardless, I ain’t coming over there to be talking bout’ sports!

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