Wow!  I use to think the reason for being single is the men who have no home training and the women who settle.

Its like you love being free to do whatever but hate being told what to do in a relationship when all you want is affection.

The more you want sex and comfort, The less you want stress and reassurance.

In my opinion, women should let the men be men. Let them hang with the fellas. Let their manhood be assured that they have a woman who’s not all in their face asking them the who’s, what’s and why’s, when there’s other ways to handle infidelity.

Men want substance and trust, and if we can’t provide neither then why are we fighting for a relationship that’s headed for failure anyway?!

BUT, MEN, you’re not completely out the dark too.

Why not put you’re woman in the zone of comfort as well, make her know that when your “working” its actually “working”!
There’s no reason to lie if you feel your going to. Just call it quits if its gets to that point.

Time and time again, I always say that if a person is constantly jealous and won’t give his or her space- then that’s a sign of insecurity. And that definitely does not mix.

Everyone has a purpose for being single and if it means going through bullshit to get to the good shit, then I can wait forever!

But damnit if I’ll be waiting!

Temptation is a muthaphukah and I mean shit! Even the OLD, old men look good when you squint one eye and stand on one foot! *sigh*

I digress…..

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  1. Eb says:

    love this post… touches on everything I’m going through right now… we do just want love and affection and a want body next to us at night… but at what expense are we willing to have that… for me… I wont settle… I know we all put up with certain things in order to find love but you have to try not to compromise your integrity during that journey

  2. Buttah, Girl you my bitch!!! I agree with damn near everything you said up on here!!! And you has my ass rollin with the, “old men look good when you squint one eye and stand on one foot! *sigh*”.

    And yes, LADIES, leave you man alone when it comes to hawkin and jockin his ass like you his mutha fuckin probatin officer!! (Ooooh, I’m gone do a blog on that shit). Anway, back to what I was sayin…..

    Ladies back up of your man. All you can do is be you. Give him that good pussy and fi head. Be is lover and his friend. AND GIVE HIM HIS SPACE!

    MEN, STOP BEING SO DAMN STUPID AND SUSPECT. Yall got the shit so bad, that yall act nervous and shit even whe you tellin the damn truth, because even you can’t believe you tellin the truth! LoL! Or you afraid of your ole’ lady. Listen to Buttah when she say place ya lady in the Comfort Zone…after you do that. Life is good.

    Forever Fabulous,
    The Single Dame

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