Depending on which way your path leads, there’s always someone challenging your intelligence along the way.

People say they’re always willing to help you, but in the end forfeit the help and your forced to look out for yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, its your responsibility to take care of yourself regardless of help or not, but its definitely a plus to have security.

Balance comes with support, and without it the road becomes unstable and blurry.

Its no mistake that people have kind hearts and souls of an angel, but when they don’t get what they helped you for in return, then it wasn’t really genuine from the beginning. So why put pressure on making sure they’re ok when your not? 

Of course you’ll feel like your being ungrateful when the person has helped you before, but when it was for a merely 1 or 2 days, or maybe a few wks, regardless, it still doesn’t count for doing it just because–and not for expecting in return.

You’re mind will always be challenged; because you wondered all the what if’s, and maybe this time you should just go by the right now’s.

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