Why is it that men show you one side and get around their friends and show another?

That always seems to linger in my mind.

He goes all out to show you he cares, is very trust worthy, and willing to make a commitment with you regardless of any circumstance. Then gets around his boys and makes it look so easy to fuck up. Like his image is more important to him than his heart.

If a man is going to get in a relationship, he should know his place just like us women have to know ours.

He can’t say he want you as his girl, then turn around and says you can’t call to check on him when he’s on the road cause’ he wants the fellas to know you don’t stress him like the girls who stress his fellas.

Or when you cook dinner, don’t make it an intimate setting cause’ if he decides to bring guest over they might think he Fabio when no ones around.

Men have the tendency to set back time for alot’ve things with women which is why the saying now is: A good woman is hard to find.  Smh

When you had one you wasn’t sure, and since she left your stuck on confusion and I wishes.

I’m confused, what did I do wrong?
I wish I’d hadn’t done that!

He’s more concerned with breaking hearts and protecting his, than working hard trying not to continue breaking yours.

What kind of woman would I be if I’m sticking around for change when you’ve changed way before I even knew you changed?!

The question is, will it be worth it if I wait?

If its worth protecting you’re image, then its worth it to let go and protect other peoples feelings just as much.

This type of man is always the averager.
The averager makes it look easy to make mistakes, but the talented holds it down regardless.
The talented has no shame in letting be known he has a soft side or not, and makes no mistakes in coming home when needed and putting time aside for always–even when his woman doesn’t ask. Now THAT’S a true defiance of a no imager!

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  1. Fanti says:

    believe me wen i say dis…its always worth di wait…caz there are men out there who believe in the same tings u believe in…but finding them is the hard part….and also keeping them..caz we have to put our wrongs aside too sometimes…comprimise…

    i think real love comes wen u least expect it or want it….


  2. NiEcE says:

    this is a very good blog….now i must fwd it so that ppl can come and read it…..good job on this 1 girlie. *copy n pastin link as we speak*

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