As I’m sitting here on my Blackberry editing this post, I realized I’m missing a few things in my life that has yet to be accomplished.  I know I will get to them as time permits, but one particular thing stood out….L O V E!

I been there before and it felt great, but it was lacking substance a purity.

I expected too much from him and he didn’t expect much from me, and I didn’t like that.

I have no problem meeting men and the fact that assholes come a dime a dozen, but meeting my equal is like a needle in a hay stack!

I’m ready for commitment.

I’m ready for week knees and the constant smiles.

Ready for stupidy when his name is mentioned.

Even though I’ve been there before, every time feels like the first and will it ever change?

I would like for it to play its course and not put pressure on the time its been, or the time since last, just knowing it is what it is NOW!

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