You ever put you’re life and love on hold for someone who you think may be the one,  and the whole time you did that –they were doing them from the get-go?

Well ladies and gents, that has happened to me before!

I’m shutting down dudes and making time, but he’s not making time.

I’m not sexing, and he is.

Then one day I’m on the phone with him and he tells me shit just happened and he “JUST SO HAPPEN ” to get a girl and I’m like wtf?

You had me waiting for your ass, hearing lectures how “I’m not trying to shut it down” and you been doing you the whole time? Oh hell no, never again!

So I’m learning to take things by the day and let it play out.

Let the dude figure out if I am what he wants and if he’s willing to take that extra step, as oppose to me weighing my options and not satisfying my priorities as well as needs.

The thing about experimenting and key is both have points, but one stands out the most– so here’s the fact.

Experimenting is testing out that person and seeing if he/she is who you really want.

Key is the main ingredient. He/she is the key to your heart. He/she is the key to making you shut it down, and he/she is the key to you basing your life around them.

And that’s what makes it understandable when finding the right one.

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