There’s many women who use pussy to get what they want, but none use it to sustain love!

We all know that men won’t even so much spend $2 dollars on a female unless he was given the hint that it may benefit him in the end.

I can meet a man, tell him some dumb shit, gas his ego, spend his money and not even think twice about playing the “I’m on my period” card, and he will still want me in the last days cause’  IN HIS MIND he’s gonna get some soon.

OK! so I fuck him, then what?

I still spends his money, do whatever it takes to sustain the pussy and all its Niagara falls worth, AND I got him where I want him!

See the thing about pussy is, men think that it keeps them coming back — but its really how the pussy is taking care of the dick and what it does to keep the dick crying (skeeting) all the time. *giggles*

Every Female have a pussy, but the limited females can keep the dick from straying. Even if it means using any necessary cautions to get her wants and needs.

When a man says he doesn’t have to spend his money for head or some type of sexual act, I say its all great in the walls of china–but when the pussy isn’t as exciting when there’s a chase and ego in involved…. Ha! You decide!

Then on the other hand, you have the women who actually use their cootch for the proper task/situation–and that’s to get a man, keep him, and be happy in you’re relationship that is blooming.

Even though I have my views and opinions, I value anything that will benefit a woman in the long-run. Whether its love, trust or waiting a while. 

 Regardless of what you think of a women, she doing her better than the average and there’s no denying that!

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