Why is it that…when you’re on your period, that’s when your horny the most? wtf!

I mean, Sex is all good and dandy when your free to do whatever, But what happens when your limited to NOT do whatever?!

The time when I don’t wanna be bothered is the time I should be fucking, and the time I should hide under a rock is the time I WANNA FUCK!

Call me crazy but am I the only female who gets more hornier and’s imagination is the nastiest of them all?

My mind gives me ideas I shouldn’t be thinking and I get more sexual than feeling guilty.

I imagine giving my man crazy head and he crys after each bobble cause’ he knows I’m that good. But reality is, I ain’t no top natch head giver to be imagining them type of thoughts! You gotta be giving head on the regular to be even thinking them thangs and I’m neither! LOL

And that’s the only thing he can get cause’ that’s a nasty chic if she let her man sex her while she dripping red paint. I mean I’ve heard some stories, but that isn’t love, that’s I really want sex bad and I give two shits if you leaking sex and I just shake my head on that type of fuckery. *giggles* Get it?  Fuckery? *smh*

So why not get your man off while getting your mind off at the same time?

Regardless if he’s physically inside of me, I still get pleasure seeing my man cum off of what my body thinks it will get once i’m off my period and i’m cool with that.

Dick makes a woman krazy, but it can also make her patient if its worth waiting for while on her period.

So Instead of playing with yourself, play with your man and make him happy. Majority of the time that’s why a man never strays. If he didn’t want to be kept, he wouldn’t be with you!

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