As I lay here next to another man, all I can think about is YOU!

The times we would secretly meet at locations he or she wouldn’t dream of catching us, or when you would throw me against the wall in the bathroom of the restaurant and sex me like I was you’re first and last course.

It would be stupid of me to leave my man when your just something to pass the time, and knowing my man can’t fuck me the way you do will always keep me leaving him when he sleeps during the nightfall.

Now my concern is, why would you send me things like gifts and door notes–when we both know anything that will give him an idea of me cheating will put us both in denial paths– and that’s not what WE both want!

In order for me to continue giving you what you want, abiding by the rules of cheating will ensure amazing sex– and my pussy continuing to stay warm for you when you enter.

It’s like nothing even matters when your tongue is spelling out your frustration on how much your dick has missed me once your thru pleasing my clit, and when it enters–my man’s sex game definitely can’t compete with yours and it shows!

Although I have thought about how good it would be if me and you were an item, I had to be realistic and face the truth that if I’m doing this to my man and he’s good to me, then what makes me exempt? And that’s what crushed my dream every time.

I look at my man when he’s sleeping and cant even dream of facing the truth, that I’m not in love with him and that’s what would’ve kept me from fucking you in the first place.

See, love makes you stop any antics before it starts.

And love makes you realize that whatever temptation comes forth will cease, because love makes it even perfect to be content with your partner– and it will surpass everything.

Take it for what its worth, at the end of the day, LOVE makes it much more believable!

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  1. E says:

    Is it really love that makes you stay faithful? I cheated on my ex but I loved her very much. In fact, I dated her for 6 years and never cheated, until the 6th year. Does that mean I didn’t love her? I wouldn’t say so.

    Also, if your man’s sex game was on par wit the fuck buddy, would you cheat?

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