So you mean to tell me its my attitude that keeps you from getting with me? Hmmm!

Why is it that when your angry or when your not “attitude friendly“, it’s ok?  But when I’m “sarcastic” I have an attitude?!

So what you’re really trying to say is that men can do whatever they want and women have tendencies.

Tendecy separates pattern from friction.

Pattern: Being consistent in your ways and not changing or progressing as you go.

Tendency: To do what the fuck ever you feel at that particular moment.

Like saying: I have the tendency to spazz or not spazz. The tendency to change up but keep your ass pissed in the progress.

Oh ok, I get it now!

*kisses teeth*
*nigga please*

Don’t judge a woman by how her character is with the association as “attitude” when it’s really sarcasm.

 And when you judge, judge yourself!
Because what you think you see is really what you see in yourself!

The meaning of transition is to overcome change and boundaries we set for each future relationships that comes forth. The more you stop transition, the more it will become harder to let live and let go.

If i’m willing to put up with your shit, then your ass better put up with mines!

*dusts hands off*

Now that that’s settled, I’m horny……Wanna fuck? *smile*

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