I don’t understand when men say putting on a condom makes the sex turn out more bad than good.

I must admit that when the glove comes off it feels AMAZING, but YOU must understand that it comes with being with one partner on a consistent basis whom you trust and both get tested. 

It also depends on the man too.

If his dick is humungous, then it wont matter if he raw you or not.  Because if he was scraping your walls with a condom before, then he’s definitely gonna be scraping that pussy afterwards. Ya feel me?!

The term raw means bare, naked, you know the rest.

So if he has on the thinnest condom made to mankind, it would feel as tough he’s rawing you anyway, and you might just think he’s tryna set you up to get preggers and you don’t want that!

With that being said, lets be realistic men are cheap!

I feel the only reason they want to raw you is because they don’t want to spend money on condoms!

Which to me is not expensive at all!

They lazy ass wanna play with the pussy, but don’t wanna take care of the pussy! 

He can walk to the toilet to take a piss after sex but cant walk 4 steps to the car, drive one block to get a pack of gloves? Niggaz kill me!

If you can buy a bottle at the club, you can buy a box at the gas station! 

My point exactly!

And if you’re going to protect yourself, make sure it’s accommodating the dick as well as the cootch!

 Women can get allergic reactions to the latex as well as men! So don’t think that using the “I’m Allergic” approach will get you bare inside the pum pum cause’ that will only make us *side eye* you twice!

So unless he/she is your long-term practice, don’t make the decision to be unprotected!

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