I’m looking at this man, fucking the shit out of him and making him yell my name while I’m on top staring in control of his manhood.
Telling him not to move or I’ll handcuff his arms and he won’t be able to even touch my ass in excitement as I take him there in total ecstasy!

I’m into it and he loves it!

I put both of my hands in a fist and press them against his abs while I’m forcing more length of his dick into my walls and he’s smiling like: damn she a champ! And I’m like: *smirk* always!

I get off and tell him to get up…and he’s like: why? And I said: you must not know your roll?!
Get behind me, spread my cheeks and deep stroke the pussy till the sheets are soaked!

I mean he really takes direction well and I love that about him.

At one point he stopped stroking and put his warm tongue on my clit and made the sex more greater than I would have had I’d topped him off, but I didn’t! No need to, and he was fine with that!

Playing with my drink, couldn’t help but laugh a little at how my imagination went from working to sexing this handsome man who walked into this establishment all to grab a bite to eat.

I should be enjoying lunch but instead I want to be enjoying HIM!  Hmmm can you blame me?

He was gorgeous and his body would have made my lunch break all the more tempting to take the rest of the day off!


My imagination continues…..

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