This month makes my blog ONE YEAR OLD! Wooooooowwww!!!!!!!!

I am so learning to potty!

My next step is to learn my ABC’s, Paint, etc!

My point is, is that I started this blog in November 2008 and now look! Its a year already and I’ve gotten more readers, more recommendations, more offers, and I’m still here!

Although the offers sound tempting I’m still in the beginning stage and want to continue writing and making this site my baby till I’m ready to expand and make it my own dot com. I know I said that’s what I was going to do, but I realize that’s a whole lot of maintenance and time in which I can’t produce at the moment.

If I haven’t said it before,
I like posting every wednesday, I like interacting with my readers and blog buddies on MY time and not worrying about posting everyday trying to beat demands. That sounds excellent and all but going at my own pace will ensure a better blog and better entertainment!

So please bare with me, as you always do, and the end result will make us all happy! Cause’ if I’m not happy then the blog will be full of hate and unnecessary shit then sex and moisturized computer screens! Lol

Lots of Love goes out to ALL the blogs on my right-hand screen blog links! Those Links are to the people who continue to support and whom I support as well!

If I have not made it clear then I will now, they are my prizes!

They have commented, brought traffic, told a friend who told a friend and I’m forever grateful!

To the unknown readers who try to post anonymously and to the not-so anonymously people who try to but are so dumb that I know who they are but still post anyway readers, Thank You!

Also, to the haters! He he

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
The blog is coming along nonetheless and it will be a great journey when you see how it has grown! 🙂



If your a
New Blog Designer don’t be afraid to hit my inbox with your work! 🙂

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  1. OMG!!!! HAPPY FUCKIN ANNIVERSARY MA!!!! 1 year damn! Congrats! I can’t wait till it’s my turn. LoL!

    And I feel you on bloggin and commenting and chillin’ in the blog world…..I’m THE SAME WAY! I don’t mean any harm when I don’t post as often as my readers would like , bUT i POST REAL LIFE SHIT! And life has it’s moments LoL! As do I!

    ANYWHO! I LUVS YA! Thanks for the blogroll shout out! I wish you nothing but greatness!

    Forever Fabulous,
    The Single Dame

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