I don’t have a problem with you using my bathroom, and I don’t have a problem with you passing bowels, but at some point It has to give when you start disrespecting me!

Rewind to the beginning of the day:

He disappears….and I’m assuming he’s passing bowels because he is too quiet and my guest bathroom door is locked! So it’s all good no problem! 

The sushi was not so great the night before, cause even I had to check my self earlier!

So we go on about our day, just loving the fact that we can be around each other and feel free with company that’s good (even though he gets on my nerves as well as I get on his ), just doing normal shit!

Fast Forward:

Later on that night, I’m getting ready for bed and I asked him to come in the room because he was so quiet in the living room. So he says: I was checking my email and walks all the way in the room and continues: If you don’t mind we can be on twitter and check our emails together. So I was kinda quiet and said: imma go wrap my hair.

I come back no less than 10 mins and this dude is in MY BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok hold up!

So I said: are you taking a shit in my bathroom? And he said: Maybe!

Smh, omg!

I was furious!!!!!!

Yo! Datz some straight disrespect madness!

He came back smiling….until he saw my face and asked what’s wrong!

I said: nothing!

So I walked out towards the living room and I said: but you took a shit in bathroom! And he said: that’s what it’s there for! I said: but ITS MY BATHROOM!!!! He said: I don’t see the big deal! I said: NO YOU GOSTAH GO!!!

I went in my room and didn’t even wanna be near him!

He said he had some friends waiting on him downtown something or another and I kept it moving with the conversation.

He got ready and he said bye and I said bye!

Then he wants to slam doors saying I have a fucking attitude of some sort but I wasn’t excited so he could’ve took it as dutch language for all I care!

My point is, not even my mom makes her legs towards MY bathroom; so why would you plant your asshole on my toilet to drop loads when I don’t even let MY MOM do that? That’s why I have a guest room!

I might let you pee but that’s simple, but when you have to concentrate on your business and funk’ing up my bathroom where MY bedroom leads to that I have to sleep at night in….that’s definitely a prob! Smh

Now am I wrong for thinking that way?

3 responses »

  1. 64gramz says:

    Lmbao that’s some funky shit.. Now it the situation was reversed
    I’d be mad too so I feel you on that sister girl…

  2. Flatbush75 says:

    I don’t get it. Was the bathroom altered in some way? did he smear it on the walls?
    If you were having a good time, enjoying each other’s company for the most part, how is using the bathroom a show of disrespect?
    Not everyone assumes that there is a restriction on what you can do in a particular bathroom, if you come to my crib you can do what you want as long as you leave it the way you found it.
    Its just a bathroom….then again im a Man, what do i know?

  3. highnessable says:

    As I was reading I was literally laughing out loud, you had me dieng. Although I can definitely agree with flatbush75, at least he left it the way he found it, I can say I would also be put off by this business going on, & damn especially twice!

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