Shit I say on random!

My quotables you can use and memorize

A man can lick the pussy but can he lick some income? Swallow ambition and digest Grownman status?!
Any man is fuckable, but what he does during intercourse HAS TO BE MEMORABLE!!!

Pussy can function but what good is functioning pussy when there’s no hard dick available?

Sex is like a car, the more you get your mileage the more it gets old!
Balls is more important than the dick, if you don’t massage it then it won’t give you the nutrients you need to have healthy skin!
(You chics betta get your white gurl on) (but I aint doing dat shit) LoL

Size doesn’t matter but it damn sure makes a difference!
Foreplay is timeless but roleplay is Mandatory! Now get ta’ acting negro!
A shaved pussy keeps a happy man, but a hairy pussy makes him run.
Those are my randoms for now…..

Got some you wanna share? Feel free!

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  1. Anthony says:

    I love your blogs, but does size really matter. I think it really does to females.

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