The past couple days have been amazing!

Going out to eat, offering to open doors. I mean I’ve had guys open doors for me but its effortless when you do it.

We talk about nothing…….. And that’s what keeps my mind going.

The more we anticipate the more my pussy throbs for attention.

Is it sad to say I’m yours even when it hasn’t been established that I am?

It isn’t…….

In my eyes!

Fucking is overrated when it happens.

We made passion…. And for the first time I actually enjoyed sex!

We kissed… And your tongue tasted as good as you fucked!

My nipples loved every attention you gave as no skin was left untouched.

I rode your dick like a bull fight and your hands kept my hips in place even when I had it under control.

Even while on top… We kissed in between and the more you bit my bottom lip the more I came on your dick…. Giving it the wetness your dick needed to stay harder!

2nd round was better than the 1st, and I’m definitely lusting for more.

3rd round was the top off! I rode you from the back as you watched my ass slap up and down on your stomach and your grunts made me work to keep it that way.

I rested my right leg on top of your leg and fell asleep with satisfaction knowing you’d be back for more and I was right!


I had to go to work with the reality that your not mines!

Even though we use to talk and my decisions not to move in with you made it hard for us to make it work, it was nice seeing you again to fantasize the ‘what could have beens’ when I had you!

Now your girl is back in town and you want to break it off with her because the last few days we’ve been spending together tainted the way you look at her.

I think its best you stay with her!

When your fucking someone who HAS SOMEONE, it makes the sex GREAT! But when your fucking someone you ALREADY HAVE, the sex is average because your use to getting it! You feel me?

I wanna start fresh….

Find that consistency in HIM….


In the end: He’s not complete until I change my mind…

3 responses »

  1. adelia says:

    so you’re the other woman?

  2. Anthony says:

    I have been in this same situtation many times and it was so nice to read it from a females point of view.

  3. Marcus X says:

    Wow. I’m totally blown by your ability to mind fuck and stimulate via text. I ain’t gone front, I was so aroused. Damn you are good!

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