I feel like sex should be natural and nothing else.

But when its tainted, it has no meaning…well for the after moment that is! Lol

Now: I have to have a drink before sex to try and possibly forget if the sex might be potentially bad.

Now I’m not a drinker and I’m the first person to grab a bottle water in the club or gathering when I do go out, but lately my mind has drifted to the ‘can’t take bad sex’ syndrome and I’m forced to have backup.

I literally gulp alcohol down or mix it with some type of chaser to get my body at ease.

It taste so horrible but the sex feels so good.

Am I wrong?

Nah…I’m tripping, I’m right! Shit who wouldn’t in fear of unamazing sex!

So in my case all dick is good dick right?

Or tainted dick is good dick for the moment!

Which ever one fits I’ll take it and run with it!

He doesn’t know why I’m extra willing to take the cock. And he does not know why my rounds last longer than normal when I’m moaning the loudest. And why I offered to give him head when he know’s it’s not like me to offer in the first place.

He wonders, but I gave him every reason to.

But he still won’t get the clue.

So I let him be, and for that I guess he’ll never figure it out.

In the meantime…..


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  1. Dro says:

    This is very interesting and a good point…. and for some reason i’ve heard just about the exact same for dudes, when your drunk or high it feels great but it takes for ever to cum but it also is like they say Liquor is like liquid courage it turns dudes into superman lol, but ne so what made u start drinking all of a sudden ?

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