Your lips stink!

I mean come on now!

From the first time you kissed me on my lips I knew at that moment you were not the kissable one!

I mean how could you not tell when I quickly pulled back and gave you the look of evil that you were.

My cheeks are not worthy of a peck alone.

Brush your damn lips dude.

I thought maybe you just licked your lips a lot, and YOU DID!

I thought maybe you brushed your teeth ONLY and forgot the tongue which cause you to lick your lips, and IM NOT SO SURE ABOUT THAT!

Even LL didn’t have those problems. I would hope not.

When he applies his lip balm, smh the cherry flavor can’t even cover up the funk on his lips he calls mouth.

Like how can you eat pussy with that?

Chic like me would be upset of getting that odor rubbed off on the crotch more than bad dick.

How is that possible?

How can your lips stink?

Someone please tell me….

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