Is it me or am I catching on to the fact that you have more drama than ME, MYSELF and I?

Last time I spoke to you it was your parents stressing you out.

Then the time before that you had all these bills to pay but you were busy helping other people you weren’t helping yourself.

Then at one time you got robbed at gun point and they took all your I’d’s, cards and you had no way home.

And before that some chic lied on you about you tryna rape her so her ex-boyfriend tried to kill you and you were on the run as to why I didn’t hear from you.

It seems like every time I speak to you it’s so much chaos going on or around you that it seems like taking a few mins to listen TO ME and asking me how I FEEL or how MY day went was too much.

Every man or woman has an excuse. Whether to cover up or get away from anything NOW is inexcusable.

Don’t get me wrong, people can have drama and can be chaotic….. but EVERY DAMN TIME YOU TALK TO THEM? Damn! Lol

I could disappear for months and reunite with drama.  Or maybe it’s who I attract?

Either way there’s going to be changes!

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  1. liryc says:

    You definitely don’t need ppl like that in your life, because if they’re life is always a made for TV movie you will get sucked up into it. If you want that then stick with it, but if that’s not where you see yourself high tail it out of there and put that person on the “don’t pick up” list!

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