So as I’m watching this video i noticed a few things.

One: Wyclef has always rep YELE HAITI but not in the best way. Which leads me to believe that his organization has benefited HIM instead of “HIS PEOPLE” that the original intent was for. I’m not saying i believe The Smoking Gun but Hmmmmm.

Two: Lil Kim has been on her reggae shit for some time now but still cannot perfect the verbal language for the Jamaicans as Foxy Brown can and she’s Guyanese I believe.

Three: Why is movado still wearing the same Black on Black outfits he have on in EVERY VIDEO. I know he’s with Alliance Family and all but damn! No Yellow, Green, something different? I mean who’s his stylists.

Four: It seems like ANYBODY can get on that Summer Jam Stage. Wylclef and Kim haven’t dropped hit in Centuries and still performing but people who have hits don’t even see that backstage part at all.  Mavado should’ve had that set to himself. LOL Maybe it’s who you know! *kanye shrug*

And here’s another Kim Vintage  w/her Non Plastic Surgery days that made her naturally pretty along w/the Beautiful Aaliyah.

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